The Bootylicious Melyssa Ford.

The bootylicious Melyssa Ford is a model and actress was discovered by Little X while working as a bartender in a night club in Toronto.  She really catapulted into the spotlight in 1997, and has been known for her amazing body and perfect proportions ever since.  She even garnered the nickname Jessica Rabbit for her resemblance to the hourglass of the cartoon character.

And that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?  Keep scrolling down to see her amazing assets.  We’ve collected only the highest quality Melyssa Ford nude photos from the 90’s until now.

She has numerous booty pictures from her many photo shoots which you can see below.  Try not to bust a nut too fast.

The photo of her ass we all know and love.

Her incredible butt has appeared in magazines, videos, in local television programs and online. Though many critics argue that she is setting a negative stereotype about black women by using her butt as a defining feature, Melyssa Ford insists that it is her most valuable asset — she has made lots of money from making men drool.  Can’t blame her.

Her sexy figure, pictures and videos sends guys drooling and craving for more. Her nasty poses in various men’s magazines definitely give someathat Good Wood. Just a look at her behind with the super hot bikinis. Her jaw-dropping photos bent over, or her naked ass in the air are unbelievable.

Classic Melyssa Ford Photos From The 90’s

Here is our collection of high resolution photos from various shoots she did with magazines like King, XXL, Maxim, etc.

Whale tail and world class ass on all fours? Check.

This photo is unreal… grab that hair girl
Suck those nips dry

I’d twist her into a pretzel faster than you can say fuck.

Can you imagine having sex with her, mmmm, mmm.
That look.
Had to do a double-take on this one. Hair up, different look. Still giving us that booty.

This just isn’t fair. She needs a good pounding on that outdoor casting couch.

Thank god for wet t-shirts.


Melyssa doesn’t give a damn about haters and she is gradually getting things hotter with every photo she releases to the media. Her hot, sexy and curvaceous body gave her a title as the hottest sex symbols in both R&B and hip-hop. She loves wearing super skimpy bikini’s while going for photo shoots and you will certainly agree with me, she is damn hot! Her plump ass sends other models creaming with envy wishing that they had such a sexy body.

Here is a video clip from one of those shoots.

Very nice.

Where is Melyssa Now in 2017?

It seems she is a radio co-host on a show called Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Dash Radio.  She posts pretty regularly on  And yes, she still posts some dick hardening photos and videos on the regular (see below).

She hasn’t had any movie appearances lately, but it looks like she has something in called The Stuff.  She recently turned 40, so we’ll see what this vixen has in store for the future.  May we suggest some MILF content?? Please, Melyssa, please!

Melyssa’s Practically Nude Photos

Her boobs got better with age.
We’re not sure where this is from, but that is still the callipygian ideal
Painting while topless… nice.


Sheer clothes really seem to be in these days, so here we are with some great photos of her equally delicious breasts.

And here are the rest of her most provocative photos organized into a gallery for easier viewing.

Originally posted March 15, 2015. Updated October 17, 2017.